Do you wake-up day after day feeling bored, exhausted, tired, or just plugging along? Do you try to feel enthusiastic in front of your boss or in front of your employees? Have your mastered your faux enthusiastic smile?

I used to be like that I was so disconnected from my enthusiasm that I would go to bed with a headache and wake up after little sleep with dread. I had on-going disappointment in my team and in my leadership. I wouldn’t just sit there and bite my lip fearing I would scream, “ I quit.” I came home moody and irritated exhausting my family with my on-going work problems.

Enthusiasm for your work is a necessary ingredient in order to be (not just feel) HAPPY! Enthusiasm provides more fuel for your day! Enthusiasm can get you noticed for great timing, for star leadership, and excellent creative solutions in a time crunch. Why don’t more people express their enthusiasm?


It’s a risk because you and your work would have to be in alignment. How do your begin this path of mastering yourself at work?

Here is a question I never thought to ask myself, was my enthusiasm totally calibrated to my desire? Remember that juicy, meaty, I don’t want to take just one bite word? DESIRE, DESIRE, DESIRE!!! I clearly wanted to do a good job and I was willing to work for it! Yet, my desire to do well and my actual experiences were off-kilter. Desire is a powerful manifestation tool. The amount of desire calibrates your enthusiasm determines your outcome.

I desire.. is a word stem that can actually start to fill you up on the inside. Can you imagine starting your day with I DESIRE instead of I WISH?

I’ve learned that allowing for my desire to come forward is an excellent way to determine my DESIRED gifts and talents and how I choose to use them. One of my huge frustrations was I had to put out someone else’s on-going fires, miscommunications, and failings.

3 keys for desire to fuel enthusiasm

1) When I transform chaos into control and clarity for someone else, how does this affect me? Do I feel like I enjoyed it? Or does it weigh me down again?
The answer is I have enthusiasm for some chaotic things, situations, and people! These people and situations that I do have enthusiasm for are challenging, exciting, and I learned from the experiences too.

2) When I communicate with my colleagues, my clients, and my supervisors do I feel understood? Can I also empathize with them without judgment? The second one is very important if I’m having trouble with empathy. This means I’m not feeling a clear and balanced connection. A lack of clarity in communication means I can’t see the forest through the trees and this usually creates it’s own added chaos.

3) When I am on purpose with my enthusiasm, my clarity, and my communication has profit increased? The answer is yes because if it’s not let’s go back to the first and second keys. I have had great potential clients that won’t hear me, there is no profit for either one of us. So they continue their problem with no changes and no solutions. Or I notice I’m having trouble connecting to them. I’ve had business deals that were fantastic on paper, started out great, and were total hell to get to the end, with minimal profit or a loss. I have also had challenging clients and enjoyed the entire process while developing a long-term relationship with them. That’s because there is a pattern of trust and a pattern of profit.

I coach women daily on how to cultivate their enthusiasm and desire so they can find their strengths, use their talents and gifts at work and in life.

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