Daily I speak with women in the workforce and daily I hear about how they want more in their careers. Not all women feel valued for their work. Why?

I have found working women try their best to manage themselves, their families, and their careers. They often don’t feel successful because of their time management, delegation of duties, and resources. “Oh well” you might say, “ That’s a first world problem.”

Problems are problems and when they aren’t addressed they don’t go away.

What do professional women really want?

VALUE- they want to be valued when they contribute, pick up the slack, and find a way to make it work. Nothing is better than then seeing a professional woman light up at work because what they did MATTERED and it was ACKNOWLEDGED.

When was the last time you felt valued at work? Were you just given an atta-girl or did you receive a financial reward, like a bonus? There is a great deal of professional research that shows that there is still gender pay disparity, which includes bonuses. This is a sobering fact for professional women. I also suggest not overlooking this nor be defined by this result.

Value starts with not only how we see our gifts and talents but also how we USE our gifts and talents. When professional women know what are their gifts and talents and how to use them they cannot be compromised or overlooked.

CERTAINTY- Professional women want to enjoy certainty, not necessarily control. Come again? Truth! Professional women want to know they will have paid opportunities because they believe in themselves. That sounds simple enough! Let’s read The Secret or invest in some Affirmations. Wait! Why isn’t that working?

Certainty is a challenge when you are filled with DOUBT. If you are up at night and filled with doubt about your abilities, work, management, you’re friends, and your family, it’s hard to imagine anything else but the current fears.

For many professional women this means a steady diet of releasing their doubt while replacing it with certainty and trust. That is commitment! Something doubt may tell you, you can’t do because of A B and C reasons.

RISKS- Yes professional women desire risk! Why should then men get to be risky ones and we just stand back and support his risks and dreams? Every woman knows that behind a great man is a greater woman. Well then if we are greater why can’t we take risks?

Risk can be measured or calculated or they can just be impulsive. Isn’t great to know we as professional women can decide for ourselves how we want to experience or create risk. Mitigating risk is only one side of a coin. Please know that if you spend your whole life playing it safe you could feel bored, lonely, and bitter because you don’t feel truly alive.

I have clients that from late 20’s to mid 50’s that seek to make changes in their professional lives because they know it’s time to be valued, certain, and risky.
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