For years I have changed my mind or was it reinvented about connecting to my authentic self? I often felt I was in an unknown process because how could I really measure this? It was just a feeling and looking around at my life? Most days my life felt so heavy, so tiring, and so unfulfilled.

I have always wanted to have MORE in my life:abundance, love, happiness, excitement, health, and desire. And for some reason my life FELT like it was moving at a snail’s pace:(

I would try to manage my desires and my goals into my top three. This helped but still I didn’t feel connected into my authentic self most of the time. HOW?

What I didn’t realize is inch by inch, hour by hour, and month by month I had trained myself to believe that all that was happening NOW was all I could HAVE. I started to feel cursed.

I decided the best way to remove my curse was to cast a new spell. I realized my thoughts moved at a certain frequency and this frequency is only heard, received, danced, and played at these frequencies. For instance, can you play or dance a soft slow moving song that is loud and fast AT THE SAME VIBRATIONAL frequency. Not likely because when we change the sound or the rhythm of our music it FEELS like something else. It’s not that we can’t relate to the music it’s just different.

I decided that my vibration mattered much on how I was feeling. If I was full of self-doubt, fear, and trying to control my environment I would start to deteriorate inside, spiraling inside while feeling like I couldn’t stop. I kept feeling like a snake that was eating it’s own tail.

I affirmed after years of not too much accomplished that I would begin a process of admiring the unknown instead of fearing and recreating it. I decided to admire the unknown as an opportunity through dance, meditation, and meaningful conversations with friends and family. I decided no matter how I felt before I danced, meditated, and connected with friends and family- my life began to transform. Life got easier because I was feeling that vibration of freedom, security, easiness, and niceness.

I became to be known at the adventurous seeker with a large heart that was experiencing miraculous shifts.

An opportunity arose through a friend of mine to meet a mystical guy that does energy attunement. Come again, I thought? Yet, I was curious to see what this would be like. Attunement, alignment, or authentic self- sure let’s try this.

I did and my energy was attuned and aligned in a way that I feel completely and totally whole. How did it happen? The best way I can describe it- he hugged me hear to heart. Yes a hug- that was it. His energy when he wills it helps align folks to their souls.

I realized I had traveled my journey this whole time to do something about how I felt about the unknown. I am now fully present in the moment because I feel aligned to my soul.

To simply put this clearly as I can I knew at a deeper level I wasn’t feeling confident, aligned, or authentic. I realized my main issue was fear of the unknown that created a lot of my own personal dramas. I decided to take a path to embrace my fear of the unknown and sure enough an experience arrived once I was ready. I now feel attuned, aligned, and authentic. I am no longer hesitating, fearful, or caught up with annoying thoughts in my head.

That is a miracle:)