Do you know what inner authority is?

Your inner authority is like your gut talking to you and you listening to it. It’s the feeling you may have to get on a plane or to decide to drive to your destination, it just feels right. Your inner authority often steers you towards what you want versus what you don’t want.

We all have an inner authority but some won’t admit to using it, until something or someone happens and they said, “I should have listened to myself because I knew this wouldn’t work out.” Oh, that inner authority, you may exclaim!

In my experience, what seems to block you from not listening to your inner authority is wanting to be seen as “nice.” Or perhaps, you can’t fully rectify the “feeling oh this doesn’t feel good” and you don’t want to appear “weird” or “difficult” so you try to remain logical. 

Inner authority is very important and many don’t know how to “get in touch” with their own inner authority.

Here are some best ways to connect with your inner authority.

1) Practice a meditation that requires still point, particularly with your, mind. This could be various forms of yoga, Tai Chi, Xi Gong, Dancing, like 5 Rhythms or Biodanza, or intentional journaling.

2) Exercise: like running or swimming a repetitive motion that allows your mind to settle down, empty out, and allow for still point to be achieved.

3) Practice it daily or a number of months so you can tell if you are making progress.

4) Try out using your inner authority with smaller things that quite frankly won’t matter if you choose A or B. For instance, check-in with yourself and see what you want tonight for dinner? Do you have a craving? Do you want to eat at a certain time? Do you desire to eat alone or with your fellow humans?

Barriers to Practicing Your Inner Authority:

1) Why you might be struggling with your inner authority is because you may ignore it too often so when it comes to little decisions, like eating for dinner, you chose what’s efficient or you choose to put someone else’s needs first.

2) You are a person of great faith and don’t feel it’s appropriate to use your mind or allow yourself to make a decision. You only want to feel what God or your higher power tells you what to say and do.  It’s ok to utilize your inner authority with God or your higher power. Utilizing your inner authority isn’t meant that you will only focus on your needs and wants because you believe that everyone else’s needs are second to your own. 

3) You’ve tried and failed at listening to your inner authority and it’s at best you still have inconsistent results. So you have given up and just go with “the flow.” Your inner authority is designed so you can still flow but not get caught up with conflicting opinions from your neighbors, friends, family, and what the media says is going to happen.

You have the right to listen to yourself and see what’s true for you.

Up next combining outer authority and your inner authority.