Maximize your wealth and solidify your golden blueprint

Find your money blocks and make them ancient money history

Close your budgeting gaps

Routinely access your winning money power

Generate avenues for more money streams to appear

Customized money map for your current transition and how to create one for your future endeavors

Increase your mental and emotional energy when it comes to making your financial decisions- this way you make the best money decisions

Sleep better at night, less physical pain present in your body, and feel more relaxed about your financial future

With your financial upgrade you will be introduced to tools that will allow you to find money and know how to project and forecast your current and future income, you will have your golden compass

Week 1: Learn Your Self-Command Muscle

Delve into the deepest parts of your brain through a 15 minutes daily practice in a 2-3 minutes incremental regimen that makes the shift from survival to thriving mode possible.

Week 2 to 3: Develop your Saboteur Interceptor Muscle-What Stops You From Moving Ahead

Trace your first steps in money mapping, get to know yourself a little better, identify thought and behavior patterns that lead to self-sabotage, and more. These weeks allow you to see the harsh realities of money-related failures of the past, providing answers to the why’s and how’s, and formulating an effective mindset for future decision-making.

Week 4-6 Practice Your Sage Muscle- Your Winning Money Power

Your parent’s spending/saving behaviors can provide great clarity into your own money actions. Thus, by practicing your winning money power, you decode your missteps and carve a new path. After completing a money biography, you’ll be able to utilize the sage perspective for problem resolution, regardless of the latter’s nature. As you keep honing this newly formed skillset, characteristics of empathy, innovation, exploration, navigation & action will automatically enhance with time.

Week 7-8 Design and Complete Your Customize Money Map to Success

Your gain clarity as you begin to see the end result of your golden blueprint. Find and avoid your burdensome potholes on your prosperity path and increase your mental money muscle strength, so you can forecast with your golden compass.

Week 9-10 Develop & Implement Routinely Your Winning Money Power

It’s time to start using your golden blueprint with brave and laser-focused action steps. By harnessing your winning money power now your financial situation will feel like a breeze. Improved quality sleep, less stress in your body, and your 90 days cash infusion are attained.

AND your customized app is for one year.

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