Our one-of-a-kind money boot camp combines never-before tactics for a unique and immersive experience – safe to say, you won’t find another program like this elsewhere.

What do you get:

Get to know yourself on a deeper level before conquering your financial reality

Discover the how’s of financial prosperity

Customized spending analysis

Money Biography

Personalized Money Map

Design, customize, and utilize your sage money skills

Week 1: Learn Your Self-Command Muscle

Delve into the deepest parts of your brain through a 10-second incremental regime that makes the shift from survival to thriving mode possible.

Week 2 to 3: Develop your Saboteur Interceptor Muscle

Trace your first steps in money mapping, get to know yourself a little better, identify thought patterns that lead to self-sabotage, and more. These weeks allow the individual to indulge in the harsh realities of money-related failures of the past, providing answers to the why’s and how’s, and formulate an effective mindset for future decision making.

Week 4-6: Practice Your Sage Muscle

Your parent’s spending/saving behaviors can provide great clarity. Thus, by practicing your sage muscle, you find out whether your toxic money habits are inherited as an observatory response. After completing a money biography, you’ll be able to utilize the sage perspective for problem resolution, regardless of the latter’s nature. As you keep honing this newly formed skillset, characteristics of empathy, innovation, exploration, and navigation will automatically enhance with time.

Week 7-8: Design and complete your money map to financial freedom

Don’t let fear stop you from getting where you belong. Take a step forward and evaluate your current position and pave the path to new beginnings.

Week 9-10: Develop & Implement Your Personal Sage Money Power

Stop relying on guarantees and validation from external sources when you’re all the reassurance you need. By harnessing your sage money power, plan implementation will feel like a breeze.

AND your customized app is for one year.

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