Women often ask me how I’m so confident in my life, in my relationships and in my business. I used to be surprised by these questions, but over the years I’ve discovered that, for some women, self-confidence is something they dream of, but rarely experience.

Instead, some women live off of a steady diet of worry, fear and resentment.  And none of those feelings inspire self-confidence.

First of all, self-confidence is a necessary lifestyle change.

Think about this: truly self-confident women don’t sit around fearing the worst on the inside, but pretending to be on top of their game on the outside. They don’t do it because they don’t have to—their confidence is real.

Here are my 10 keys to having self-confidence:

Key #1: Challenge your self-confidence muscle

Key #2: Develop your own Power Poses to embody

Key #3: Get specific about where, when, with whom and how you want to be self-confident

Key #4: Find confident people who inspire you

Key #5: Discover your self-confidence music and listen daily

Key #6: Create your power posse

Key #7: Take time to boost other’s self-confidence

Key #8: Honor your fears, but don’t let them run away

Key #9: Watch your language

Key #10: Just Do It!