Why did I become a Money Coach?

Over the years, my experiences in the world of finance have taught me various lessons. As I navigated my journey through thick and thin, I was introduced to much more than just the importance of money.


Up until the last recession swept through, I was doing fairly great. However, when the economy took a downturn, I began analyzing the integrity of my finances. This was also when my family and I decided to move to the East Coast for a much-needed fresh start. Despite the negative market outlook, I started my business with high hopes to propel it to success. Safe to say, there were many moments of celebration just as there were of stress! In that, I have had my fair share of broken leases and bounced paychecks. And yet, everything has been tremendously enlightening.


I have been able to expand my business, downsize, adopt improved strategies to pay taxes, refine financial professionalism and most importantly, create multiple streams of revenue without succumbing to the difficulties.


Throughout it all, I’ve also dealt with various personal challenges, the most devastating being my mother’s passing. This was another life altering event whereby I was forced into the shadows, and yet, made it out with amazing insight on financial lineage behaviors as well as financial exploitation.


Soon after, I realized that it wasn’t just me! All around, people were struggling with one financial crisis or the other, all because they didn’t have the right guidance backing them up.


I, too, was constantly struggling to shed a limiting perspective, be open about money with my family and holding on to the bigger picture. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually pretty easy to make the wrong decisions when you’re bombarded with options. In today’s dynamic environment, many have to settle for poorly crafted financial plans simply because they’re marketed to be more compelling.



That single mom next door is constantly overwhelmed with advertisements encouraging her to invest in the wrong deals rather than pool her savings into a business she can draw a life-long income from.


The couple you’ve known all your life is thinking about taking a mortgage out on their new home even though both of them have bad credit histories and haven’t found stable jobs yet.


That student who just moved out of her parent’s house is eager to become a business owner yet struggling to realize her dreams due to lack of funding.



Needless to say, I coach everyone – from individuals and couples to businesses, my goal is to pull clients out of financial crises through personalized strategies suited to their unique situations.




Unfortunately, most people I work with go into different financial plans blind. And they’re not entirely to blame!


It’s not like we’re taught how to be smart with money in school. There is a massive gap between people and the right opportunities that can only be bridged with targeted tools, understanding your diver neuroeconomics and seeking financial planning advise from a money coach rather than a financial advisor who will simply lay out different options in front of you.


We love to spend! However, you can’t be internally conflicted about your spending and still feel good about all the purchase! Verily, I help you resolve this inner conundrum that’s stopping you from being at peace. By taking an immersive approach to reconnecting your spending side with innate contentment, we will take a look at your general shopping patterns to identify what you should and should not be doing!


As a money coach with over 10 years in his arsenal, I have noticed this in various clients. They could have magician potential and yet, they will be stuck somewhere in the middle, eager to change their ways but unable to do what’s needed.


Why? Because they’re unable to enjoy investing! The waiting time till you can actually realize your investment doesn’t seem compelling enough. This requires a strict change of perspective which is only achievable through a step-by-step process. Thus, I have created a milestone coaching regime that explains why certain prerequisites are necessary to excel further. Ultimately, this approach lets the people see what’s waiting for them at the end of the tunnel!




Another thing I’ve become wary of as a money coach is that clients often have trouble communicating with their spouses over financial matters. Let’s be honest, if you’re in a serious relationship, making decisions about money is a mutual exercise.


What most people don’t realize – or aren’t willing to accept – is that having disagreements with your significant other is okay. For instance, if a couple is contemplating where to invest their savings and butting heads over the most pragmatic option out there, it’s completely normal.


But this type of conflict shouldn’t just be avoided, rather it should be addressed to secure a rewarding financial future for both parties. Whenever I get the chance to advice couples, I make sure they understand where the other is coming from.


By setting a foundation or trust, I take the session forward, take my time to hear both sides and then, point out the pros and cons of each option.




Did you know that thousands of businesses in the US today don’t even have enough cash to last them beyond three months? Small business owners are bearing the brunt of a dwindling economy, drowning in debt and unable to enjoy their life because of how overwhelming running their ventures is.


Ironically, everyone who ditches the regular job to start a business does so because they’re eager to be their own boss. A few financial mistakes later, they realize they’re living in a nightmare!


Now, of course, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Due to personal issues and professional conundrums, many modern businesses have a decreasing bottom line, albeit fixable. My goal is to help ambitious entrepreneurs make the right decisions so they can lead the life they’ve dreamed about. After all, it’s not about money, it’s what money lets us do that matters.


So, no matter how deep a financial ditch you find yourself in, I’ll show you better ways to communicate about your finances, rectify past mistakes, mitigate losses, and overcome temptations that are actively burning a hole in your wallet.


Unlike financial advisors, I don’t just tell you the pros and cons of different financial opportunities. Rather, I help you recognize your money-management behaviors, in that, how you operate financially. This sets the groundwork for improved habits leading to increased profits, a solidified position in the marketplace, better financial relationships, as well as a much-needed feeling of security within your business.