Counseling sessions with Jeannie

Private Sessions with Jeannie is designed for individuals to dive deep, feel supported, and are helped with complex and overwhelming concerns.

 Private Sessions with Jeannie will give you the time to focus on your needs and help create the next steps for you to take.

 What do Jeannie’s clients say about her and their private sessions work:

 “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you saved me and my family.”

 “I could have never gotten through this without you.”

 “You understand me, listened to me, and helped me see a better way.”

 “You helped me believe in me.”

 “I found happiness.”

 “I’m doing my dream job now.”


Grief and Loss

 Are you struggling with the unimaginable?

 Have family and friends told you that you “don’t seem right?”

 Do the days and nights just string together?

Grief and Loss is an unavoidable human experience once you lose someone, end a relationship, or have an unexpected and devastating change in your life. It often disrupts how you feel, live your life, and can create an unrecognizable vacuum in your heart. Past losses can also trigger current loss and leaving you feeling unbelievably overwhelmed.

 How you cope can determine your ability to bounce back while creating a new life. Grief is never easy to experience, and it requires an experienced professional to assist you on your journey.


Questions to ask yourself:

 Am I happy in this relationship?

  • If not, why not?
  • What am I willing to do?
  • What gets in the way for me to make those changes?

 Relationships are our greatest resource on this planet.

 It’s also the hardest thing to do well in our lives. It doesn’t matter if they are personal or professional, the quality of our relationships, affect our daily lives.

 Relationships require care, intention, attention, patience, boundaries, and effective & empathetic communication to name just a few.

 Healthy relationships always require a level of self-reflection to determine where you are at and where you want to go.

 Need help attracting the right partner?

 Or are you trying to see if you can salvage your relationship?

 Or are you sure it’s time to move on but aren’t sure how to do that alone?


Questions to ask yourself if you dream of an ideal career?

  • What is my ideal career?
  • What do I want it to look like?
  • What am I willing to do?
  • Who’s help might I need to get there?

 What you do for a living is not who you are. Yet, you often derive enormous satisfaction and security from your careers and your career trajectory.

 With COVID 19 your career may have come to a screeching halt or you aren’t sure what are the next steps.

 Work is often best looked at like chapters in your life.

 Career is an important role and aspect in your life. Too much of your career puts you out of balance, strains your relationships, and damages your health. A small-minded career can also cause problems when you want clarity with your drive, your relationships, & your retirement.

 Career is a win-win if you can create space for the career you desire and build.

Retirement Readiness

What the heck is Retirement Readiness?

Believe it or not the money for retirement is the easy part. What’s the challenge, then?

Most folks who are close to retirement make assumptions about how they will feel when they are ready to retire and assume, they will have enough to live on.

In truth, it can take up to 5 years to properly prepare yourself for your retirement.

What stops or prevents some for preparing for their retirement is the following:

  • My Identity
  • My Purpose
  • My Health
  • My Friends
  • My Spouse
  • My Lifestyle changes
  • Fear of the unknown

 This is an important and nearly final stage of your life. You don’t want to miss this by only being obsessed with one question, will I have enough?

Money Coaching

What is money coaching

Money coaching is the practice of helping people make the most of their finances through well-informed decisions. The concept features various steps meant to shed a bright light on people’s spending and saving patterns. In essence, the role of a money coach is undeniably multifaceted. We work toward expanding your perspective when it comes to handling your finances. The average layman lacks clarity with their subconscious money blocks & limited financial skills;hence they are rather unaware of the opportunities available. This can lead to unintentional mismanagement of money which can create personal economic crises over time.
Navigating the world of finance
Unfortunately, the financial world can sometimes seem to be shrouded in mystery and fear. Money coaches know this couldn’t be farther than the truth which is why their job is to empower the client in ways they would deem impossible. Everybody wants to reap maximum benefits of their money, however, that often requires the support and advice of a professional. Clients can also seek guidance through training workshops and incremental coaching sessions.
The Core Process
Helping someone manage their money isn’t just a one-time procedure. Because most individuals have such deep-rooted beliefs and misconceptions, it takes time and effort to change that. Money coaching is a two-step process and it begins with the Core Process to help you identify your subconscious blocks, your neuro economics, while discovering your archetypal money types, through a step by step methodology. We uncover together your route causes and then in the second step process you learn how to undo your money blocks to create the vision you have with your financial life. The money coach can devise a feasible session plan that covers the typical stages of money management. This includes the client’s money biography, the mother/ father mirror, money types as well as the life inventory.
How It Works
Each session can be dedicated to these categories, with the core focus being on helping the client understand their current financial standing and ultimately, setting the right financial goals. This can be achieved through a stepping-stone format whereby the coach holistically targets the client’s issues. Such that, the sessions are held with the purpose to:


  • Discover subconscious habits that determine the financial standing of the individual. This can include spending patterns, saving habits, past money-related activities, and more.
  • Detect and pinpoint the fallacies within the individual’s current money-related habits that need to be improved or rectified for better financial success.
  • Boost understanding when it comes to the implications of the identified habits. This can help the client see just how big of an impact their patterns are having on their life as a whole and also reveal the positives of what would happen if they changed for the better.
  • Reveal how a client might be mirroring their parent/guardians without even realizing and thus, limiting themselves to a subconscious cycle of unfruitful choice.
  • Shed light on personal money types and gauge their direct influence on the client’s life. This is further linked to showing you how to accept these types, overcome suppressed fears, and learn how to evolve for the purpose of better financial decision-making.
  • Leverage the client’s inherent talents so the coach can help them devise a personalized strategy that enables you to rectify your patterns.
Mental Fitness Coaching
more details to come.


Effective and empathetic communication is something many of us think we are already doing? How frustrating and time consuming it is when you are speaking your shared language and yet little to nothing seems to connect or resonate with your employees, stakeholders, and customers.


Most Leaders are not as aware of some of their communication blocks. This is a costly dynamic at work because you believe you are clear and others may see your communication as cold, disingenuous, or disconnected. Empathy is the human skill that will help you move away from division, emotional blocks, and fear.

 Effective & Empathetic Communication is necessary skill in today’s workplace. You can learn to receive feedback and be able to respond in a real time manner that expresses clean, clear, direct, and heartfelt communication.  

 Here are some of the most common barriers to effective and empathetic listening.

  1. Thinking of how you will respond
  2. Judging
  3. Using loaded words
  4. Advice giving
  5. Quizzing
  6. Reassuring
  7. Assuming

 Which one applies to you? Are you willing to make changes?


more details to come.

Resiliency in our COVID 19 World

COVID 19 Current Health & Safety Concerns

  • Testing, Who to Test, What Kind of Tests, & How Often
  • CDC, Federal, State, & Local Health Authorities
  • Phasing in workers, redesigning workspaces & social distancing
  • Redesigning and redefining workplace culture
  • COVID 19 losses and expenses
  • Employee Stresses & Their Families
  • Being prepared for the unknown.

 We are all living through COVID 19 stops and starts. How do you adapt and pivot your company forward for the sake of the company and the safety of your employees and customers is a truly challenging puzzle?

 We are living through a dramatic rollercoaster with this virus. Infection rates and death are going up. Staying safe and prepared is only one piece of this puzzle. Don’t you wish we could all go back to normal?

 Are you at a loss for your next steps?

 Do you know what else you can do?

 How do you cope with yourself, your family, your friends?

 Working from home or working less may be even more stressful?


COVID 19 Readiness Response

COVID 19 Readiness Response is here to help you and your team get back on track. There are enormous challenges for leaders, managers, and employees and their families. Virtual work has reduced overall feeling of connectedness and a positive workplace. You and your employees are stressed more than ever, with their relationships, their children, and their health.

We are all living through COVID 19 stops and starts. How do you adapt and pivot your company forward and create safety for your employees and customers is a truly challenging puzzle? Your COVID 19 rollercoaster hasn’t ended.

Here are the current COVID 19 health & safety concerns: 

  • Testing, Who to Test, What Kind of Tests, & How Often
  • CDC, Federal, State, & Local Health Authorities
  • Phasing in workers, redesigning workspaces & social distancing
  • Redesigning and redefining workplace culture
  • COVID 19 losses and expenses
  • Employee Stresses & Their Families
  • Being prepared for the unknown.

COVID 19 Readiness Response will help you re-create new outcomes by shifting your perspective from running a marathon to tolerating sprinting, walking, and sometimes standing still. Learn to focus on your health and

Bite Size Wisdom Youtube Channel

I firmly believe as Counselor and a Certified Money Coach that has helped individuals, couples, and businesses avert financial disaster for over 10 years that I have some invaluable wisdom and experience I would like to share with you.

This channel is designed to help guide you through specific financial and relationship concerns.

Would you like to know how to communicate better about your finances?

Would you like to learn how to fix a money mistake?

How about some prosperity wisdom given in bite size pieces, just enough for you to digest?

Then you have come to the right place.

Bite Size Wisdom is here to guide you when you aren’t sure what are you next best steps.