Conference for Caregivers – VIP

But just to make sure, you walk out of here with a solid plan.

On November 9th, I will be hosting our VIP LIVE Round Table of Experts

And LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the 1:1 recordings 


For 90 minutes, you’ll have complete access to a room full of experts who can see around your financial and caregiving blind spots without forcing you to do your research.

You will get an opportunity to sit in our Care Seats and ask our round table of experts your most pertinent questions. Our Care Seats are warm and filled with kindness, compassion, and wisdom. You will be so glad you sat down. 

You will develop a simple-to-follow plan with our experts to take control of your retirement and ability to care for your loved ones without sacrificing your life.

You’ll learn how to tackle your loved ones’ mountain of financial problems like:

  1. Probate problems that can cost thousands of dollars if your estate and will are not legally finalized.
  2. How to legally get your name on their Bank, Investment, & Utilities Accounts and prevent the mountains of red tape and headaches from starting the process too late. 
  3. Suggestions if you choose to spend down retirement money and assets.
  4. How to retrieve your secure documents when you need them, and finally have that elusive peace of mind. 

You’ll  learn how to work with your loved ones health when they are slowing down and need more care, such as:

  1. The best next steps to work with their medical team so you save time, have clearer communication, and give your loved ones the most dignified end-of-life experience they can have.
  2. Suggestions for planning events and trips, so you won’t have to cancel unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. When is it time to get a professional nursing assistant vs. doing it yourself? (This can be the difference between a manageable caregiving experience and burnout).

You’ll learn what steps you can take to ensure your quality of life.

  1. What do you need to look out for your own mental and physical health? And when to take action.
  2. What skills and tools you might need and suggestions to let your family and friends to actively support you instead of watching you from the sidelines or anxiously waiting on text updates.
  3. How to prepare for life after caregiving. 

And LIFETIME ACCESS to all the 1:1 recordings and the VIP LIVE Round Table for just $147.

VIP LIVE EVENT is happening November 9th 2pm- 3:30pm EST.

Our speakers

But there’s MORE!!


This gets you The LIVE Roundtable of Experts lifetime access to all the 1:1 recordings and PLUS a 30-minute session with me

There’s 30 spots available, but people snatch them up quickly because they want that customized action plan, so sign up early!

In the VIP Plus session, I’ll help you review & navigate your current money dilemmas, help you work with your current financial resources, and develop a step-by-step action plan for you and your family.

We will review my personalized 5-point action plan checklist to show you what you need to know before you cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

This includes:

  • Health care for your aging loved one and support for you so your oxygen mask is on before you help your loved one.
  • Optimizing family communication flow and what supports you’ll need so you aren’t running yourself ragged taking care of your loved ones.
  • Discover new tools and resources for your mental fitness.  

The extra 30 minutes you spend with me can save you additional time and money and give you a clear next action step to care for your loved ones without burning yourself out. 

VIP PLUS gets you the LIVE Roundtable of Experts lifetime access to all the 1:1 recordings and 

PLUS a 30-minute session with me. Only 30 sessions are available, sign up early!