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Are you a busy working professional who may be taking care of an aging loved one?
If you’re taking care of an aging loved one, you already know how tough it is to find the right kind of help.
You don’t know why you keep making the same mistakes and hitting the same walls.
Now you don’t have to worry about that because we are coming to you instead.
Here’s how you can take better care of them without burning yourself out.
This Caregiving Round Table of Health, Financial, and Caregiving Experts is your unique opportunity to have a team built for you when you don’t know what to do.
You can’t figure out everything by yourself when you are exhausted and running out of options.
This is the lifeline you’ve been looking for.

Instead of just another caregivers’ support group, this round table will give you the clarity, strategy, and bandwidth to move forward and effectively manage the drama of caregiving.

You’ll save time, money, and energy with a play-by-play action plan put together by the best minds in caregiving in the nation. 

Now,  you don’t have to save paid time off from work or stress over when you may have to quit your job and do this all by yourself. 

No more sifting through multiple suggestions or hoping your friends’ recommendations will work.

Now you’ll get answers to just about all your caregiving questions, such as:


  • How to manage your caregiving resources so you get the help you need, no matter how limited those resources look.
  • Could your retirement plan be in danger? Find out your ideal financial strategy based on your current circumstances.
  • Self-care tips, techniques, and strategies you can implement when you learn them!
  • Stop financial and healthcare mistakes most caregivers make. 
  • Avoid estate planning blind spots that can cost you your inheritance.
  • Have a network of financial, health, and caregiving experts at your fingertips.
  • Hire slow, fire fast: how to hire a caregiver & recognize red flags so you can take action.
  • How to spot fraud and A.I. scams that can sneak into your loved one’s bank account and drain it dry.


  • Social Security: The little-known details about social security that could keep you AND your spouse financially ahead of the retirement pack. As told by Social Security Expert Eric Blake. 
  • How to use the little-known loopholes in Medicare to ensure you’re covered for life. Medicare Myriam Leiva is by your side.
  • LTC Insurance & What to do if you don’t have a policy?As told by Dina Mabry LTC Expert, Dr. Jovan Jackson, Federal Retirement Financial Expert.
  • The step-by-step strategy for total coverage for you, your loved ones, and your retirement. Expertise shared by Dr. Jovan Jackson, Lisa Trotzke-Laws, Health Insurance Broker


  • The best health care strategies for you and your family that let you sleep like a baby, especially if you are self-employed. Lisa Trotzke-Laws, Health Insurance Broker.
  • Tax strategies that the wealthy use to ensure they don’t have to work another day.  As told by expert Boyce Goff, CPA, Phil Weiss, Financial Life Planner, Eric Blake, Financial Expert, Dr. Jovan Jackson, Federal Retirement Financial Expert.
  • Protect your wealth after you’re gone so it’s given to those you love, not the state or creditors. Expertise shared by Estate Litigator, Tom Repcyznski, Boyce Goff, CPA, Eric Blake, Financial Expert Phil Weiss, Financial Life Planner, Dr. Jovan Jackson Federal Retirement Financial Expert.
  • The hidden resources you can tap into as a caregiver that isn’t just another support group. Expertise shared by Traci Lamb, CEO of Caregiving Worldwide Global Streaming Services, Lisa Trotzke-Laws, Health Insurance Broker. Mim Senft, President of Motivity Care.
  • The simple, no-stress adjustments you can make to keep more of your money without losing sleep. As told by Phil Weiss, Financial Life Planner, Dr. Jovan Jackson, Federal Retirement Financial Expert, & Eric Blake, Social Security Expert. 
  • The pitfalls of estate planning that blindside most caregivers. As told by Estate Litigator, Tom Repczynski.
  • Why self-home remodeling will cost you more than what you paid for in materials. Expertise shared by Melissa Bressler & ALI Soltani, HandyPro.
  • Why an anti-loneliness routine will make you healthier and happier. Expertise shared by Nima Yazdanfar.
  • Make sure you have the right caregiver. Expertise shared by Mike George and Lili Fiore.
  • Stop losing your mind with uncooperative family members. Expertise shared by Jeannie Dougherty. 
  • Locate the best time for your aging loved one to sell or buy a new home. Expertise shared by Senior Real Estate Agent Rebekah Kleinman.
  • Simple, life-changing nutrition habits to give you energy for yourself and your aging loved one. As told by Dr. Karen Midyet.
  • The first steps to taking back your life after caregiving. As told by Lili Fiore, Jeannie Dougherty, & Mim Senft.

This Round Table has helped hundreds of caregivers save up to tens of thousands of dollars in care, and dozens of hours in managing care, and kept them ahead of the chaos that caregiving brings.

Because, as a busy caregiver, you’re already dealing with a never ending flood of information. So you don’t need more information, you need an experience that gives you the correct knowledge.

Instead, the Round Table gives you a plan to manage your new life caring for two or more people, including yourself.


Just ask Maria B., who said: “You made a difference in my life. THANK YOU.”

Or Alex F., who said, “This helps me understand what I was missing. THANK YOU.”

Or Randy M., who said, “This conference helped me see past being a caregiver- it’s a big plan with many steps. THANKS.”


I’m a Federal Government Employees Retirement Readiness Expert. I’ve helped thousands focus on their health and money habits while planning for retirement

My clients can navigate caregiving uncertainties, face mounting responsibilities, as well as avoid the financial pitfalls with ease and flow. HOW, you may wonder?

Because I know your journey firsthand, as my parents passed away from Alzheimer’s. I spent 11 years dedicated to the slow and painful decline of my parent’s health and finances

When I lost my parents, I realized I was indeed on my own, and I needed to rebuild my life one step at a time. I had to reprioritize my self-care, dreams, and financial future.

I’m here to help you not waste your time, money, or energy. 

I needed more help than a caregiver’s support group, and so do you

I needed more financial education and assistance regarding their estate, and so do you

I needed an expert when financial goals became disconnected, and my family suffered when our overworked healthcare team made mistakes and unintentionally neglected my parents. 

Our entire healthcare system is on overload, and often, it’s up to us to find the best healthcare and financial teams

I’ve learned that you may have to invest twice as many hours and tens of thousands of dollars to find the best solution to accommodate you, your aging loved one, and your family. 

But I’m about to change that.

This conference brings all the right experts to your screen, so you can learn from the best. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself or your sanity.

The good news is this complex emotional rollercoaster does have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, you’ll have on-demand access to the one-of-a-kind lifeline that hundreds of other caregivers could tap into and stay ahead of the caregiving drama…

And pick your life back up where you left off after caregiving.

You can watch or listen to these conversations at your own pace, and come out with the bird’s-eye view that helps you stay on track, even when things are about to implode.

Typically, access to the Caregiver Conference goes for $147.

Because you’re already doing so much to care for your family…

So, I’m offering it for $97 instead. 

Plus, if you’re constantly on the move, it also comes with an audio-only recording, so you don’t have to keep switching between the screen and the road.

So get your on-demand download of the Caregivers’ Conference today.

Your life as a less stressed-out caregiver awaits you when you do.

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