jeannie-doughertyAbout Me

Jeannie Dougherty is an expert in relationships and a visionary leader in the field of relationship coaching and consulting. She has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and years of dance training in ballet, modern dance, Biodanza™ and 5 Rhythms™. Her focus is on how individuals and couples lose their rhythms, their sense of selves and their sense of transformation.

Her years of experience as a coach and a counselor, along with her background in dance, helped her develop her Conscious Movement Transformation™ methodology.

Jeannie’s intuitive instincts, keen movement-trained eyes, and the safe and supportive environment she creates give her clients give her the ability to help remove their blocks—their embodied fears—while moving toward their unlimited potential and their happy and flowing selves. She has ignited hundreds of individuals and couples to transform their relationship roadblocks into relationship fulfillments.

When Jeannie is not coaching, she’s dancing, practicing Bikram Yoga and Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY), and spending time with her loved ones and her three dogs. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and is thirsty for life’s adventures!

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