business team with gdgets and papers at office
business team with gdgets and papers at office
business team with gdgets and papers at office
business team with gdgets and papers at office
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Private Sessions with Jeannie is designed for individuals to dive deep, feel supported, and are helped with complex and overwhelming concerns.

Private Sessions with Jeannie will give you the time to focus on your needs and help create the next steps for you to take.

What do Jeannie’s clients say about her and their private sessions work:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you saved me and my family.”

“I could have never gotten through this without you.”

“You understand me, listened to me, and helped me see a better way.”

“You helped me believe in me.”

“I found happiness.”

“I’m doing my dream job now.”


Are you standing in your own way?

Are you a working woman who works to her end’s wit, only to lose her power?

Or an ambitious man who’s doing great at work but failing at their personal life?

You can look as fit as the Rock and yet, feel at your lowest! Like physical well-being, being mentally secure is just as important if not more. While external challenges have the power to push you down, self-sabotaging will keep you on your knees. The human brain holds unimaginable power, but the real question is, are you exercising it the right way?

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• Discover subconscious habits that determine the financial standing of the individual. This can include spending patterns, saving habits, past money-related activities, and more

• Detect and pinpoint the fallacies within the individual’s current money-related habits that need to be improved or rectified for better financial success.

• Boost understanding when it comes to the implications of the identified habits. This can help the client see just how big of an impact their patterns are having on their life as a whole and also reveal the positives of what would happen if they changed for the better.

• Reveal how a client might be mirroring their parent/guardians without even realizing and thus, limiting themselves to a subconscious cycle of unfruitful choice.

• Shed light on personal money types and gauge their direct influence on the client’s life. This is further linked to showing you how to accept these types, overcome suppressed fears, and learn


more details to come.

I firmly believe as Counselor and a Certified Money Coach that has helped individuals, couples, and businesses avert financial disaster for over 10 years that I have some invaluable wisdom and experience I would like to share with you.