business team with gdgets and papers at office
business team with gdgets and papers at office
business team with gdgets and papers at office
business team with gdgets and papers at office
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What would you do with your money if in 90 days you were absolutely in control of it?

Are you thinking of a career change?

Every morning is the same. You are forced awake, unmotivated, and unprepared for the job that awaits you every day.

You know in your bones that it’s time for a career change, but switching paths feels like jumping in cold water.

You’re worried about money but eager to pursue different goals. Perhaps you want to go back to school? Invest in a new business? Or learn a new skill?

You don’t want the burden of overwhelming student or credit card debt, so then how do you navigate your money journey? With Jeannie Dougherty, you can access practical methods of money management rooted in unwavering accountability.

You’ve been stuck in the middle for too long – as a woman of ambition, don’t push your dreams to the back burner anymore.

Together, we can find effective ways of cut through your financial road blocks to avoid the turbulence of shifting from your current job to your dream career.  With healthy acknowledgment, feedback, steadfast dedication, and  support of the community, no challenge will be insurmountable. Despite your current , money situation, growing pressures, or past traumas, you have the power to find your true calling- without feeling like you will lose your shirt.

With each session, Jeannie coaches integrative lessons on prosperous money mindset, uncover your unsupported money behaviors, and we rewire your money pattern to thrive  so you can plan for a bright future with endless opportunities

To support your career change you will be introduced to tools that will allow you to find money and know how to project and forecast your current and future income this maximizes your wealth and solidify your golden career blueprint.

1) You think you have the money to do it but are filled with self-doubt, and need financial confidence? 

2) Do you want to start to make this career shift in the next year or sooner?

3) Want to make your money work for you for your career shift?

4) Have worked on yourself and improved a lot in your life but your money needs a reboot for this career shift?

Are you a Small Business Owner that needs a vital 90 Days Cash Infusion?

Reach real growth rather than chase flashy numbers.

Inconsistent business success is an entrepreneur’s achilles’ heel. One day you feel on top of the world, the next, you can’t even find a silver lining. Landing high-paying clients who are loyal raving fans to your company requires faith, hard work, and smart decisions. But right now, it’s taking longer than expected to seize the right opportunities and you are stuck in a constant rut.

With our 90 days cash infusion plan, you can strike the perfect balance to bridge real-time money gaps, exceed customer expectations and by creating your revolutionary product or service that makes the waves you’ve been hoping for in the market.

Jeannie Dougherty uses a unique approach to help you get in the black and stay there. Being your own boss shouldn’t feel like there’s nothing to life but work -unfortunately, that’s how most business owners feel when they give into round-the-clock grunt work. As a certified money coach and mental fitness guide, Jeannie Dougherty shows you how to command your money so it does what you desire.

The result? You’re empowered through greater financial confidence as well as taking that skill into your personal decision-making skills.

Suddenly, you have more time for your hobbies, the meaningful people in life, and most importantly, your overall well-being. For 90 days, you follow a tailor-made blueprint to success that bolsters your money-making skills and stabilizes your financial situation so you can be the leader you’ve always aspired to be.

Are you still bootstrapping your business do you need access to a 90-days cash infusion?

Do your money skills feel stuck? Do you find your sense of financial direction isn’t as strong and clear as you would like it to be?

Do you feel like you are making good money but your bank account shows a different story?

Does your profit margin go up and down?

Do you have Retirement Readiness?

Does the thought of the future bring a lump to your throat?

How will you pay off your debtors by the time you retire to actually spend the golden years of life in peace?

You want to be able to retire on your own terms with complete confidence and preparedness but doesn’ seem like it’s in the cards. It is a more than life sucking  and grueling 9 to 9 even 30 years from now is taking a toll on your health. You did not think at this stage in your career you are working harder than you did when you first started your career. As a federal government retirement readiness expert I know it can take a toll on your sanity and your peace. I have the right tools to get you on your customized retirement path.

Be it student loans, business debt, or credit card loans, planning for retirement doesn’t have to mean you work 80 hours a week right now. Retirement should be something you look forward to, not dread. And while that might not seem possible at the moment, it is attainable right now when you make smart decisions.

You realize you have the golden keys to unlock you from stress & obligation. You want to stop this golden illusion and drive yourself towards your retirement path so that the best years of your life and the best hours of the day won’t bespent working for someone else.

 You want to know you have the money to retire when you want to.

With Jeannie Doughtery, a federal government retirement readiness expert, guiding your journey, you can turn the key on a viable retirement plan. Now is the time to create new opportunities yourself regardless of what age you choose to reitre.  That’s exactly what we’ll do together. By analyzing past decisions and developing the financial path that fits you, you can thrive today as well as tomorrow. This program is all about integrating resilient money-making skills that withstand the force of unplanned shifting circumstances, no matter how much time goes by.

Are you afraid you are going to run out of money before you retire? 

 Are you looking for the best financial map for you that will move you forward, will reduce your risk, and give you a game plan on how to retire?

 Do you want the best ways to move forward and still create generational wealth?

 Are you ready your uncover winning money power and do it now? 

 Are you looking for clarity in your money so your investment advisors can help you?