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I read this fascinating article about the before times and job hunting and the current state of job seekers in the US, Transparent Wages Help Job Seekers.

Currently, in the US most wages and salaries are not necessarily transparent. Employees learn about new hires because of the employer or business owner’s need to publish hiring bonuses and hiring wages. Often these workers that have stayed particularly, during the pandemic, may not make as much as new hires. This is a rough spot to be in.

I’m not interested in making this into a discussion about supply and demand and employers rights. The purpose of the article was to remind workers if someone is advertising a higher wage you can be hired. However, most employers suffer from the same subconscious money blocks as their employees, they may just look or sound a little different.

Here’s is why most employers and business owners are worried about publishing their wages or salaries. They want amazing talent for a rock bottom price even when they are told no and this isn’t the way to go about hiring top talent. This is often the money archetype, the tyrant, attempting to get what they want while trying to control every option and everyone with limited information. So, what motivates the tyrant in this example- SCARCITY!

Employees trying to make ends meets sometimes stay in low paying work because they too have lots of subconscious money blocks about SCARCITY. This is the only job, or starting a new job will have someone believe it will “take up too much time, it will be too hard, or there’s always a catch.” It’s like their inner judge or critic takes over even when the data (new rates and new opportunities) show clearly, they could make more money, have top talent, and increase profits.

What gets in the way out of scarcity? First you need to know what you are you judging. Is it others, with thoughts like these, “Without me judging others, I will never lose my objectivity and I will protect my self-interest?” Is it yourself with thoughts like these, “Without me scaring myself about bad future outcomes, I will not work hard to prevent them.” Or is it a situation with thoughts like these, “the economy is going to stumble again and layoffs will happen in a new job I had better stay put. Besides I hear the other manager or company is really bad”  

Do you see how we create fearful cycles about ourselves, others, and our environments? Your way through this unending spinning is to use your inner money archetype, Warrior. A warrior knows how to discern new information, old information, and possibilities. A warrior also knows how to cope and speak to a money archetype Tyrant without feeling like a loser or less than.

A good question to ask yourself is how transparent are you when it comes to moving forward financially? Are you willing to ask for a raise? Are you willing to poll your employees about their concerns and requests for an increase in pay? I know for myself with my business I post my rates so folks will know and if they have questions, they can ask me. There is a lot of talk even amongst money coaches to hide your rates and don’t tell anyone about how you charge or work. In my opinion, that’s a strong subconscious money block which serves no one.  Owning your prices and your expenses is what a money Warrior would do. Everyone’s earnings and expenses will be different. Which I explain why in tomorrow’s blog.

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