What is behavioral money coaching?

Everybody wants financial prosperity but only a few have it! Have you ever wondered why? It’s not that there aren’t enough opportunities out there, rest assured, there are plenty around for the lot. However, seizing the right one is just as much about emotional resilience as it is about good decision making.

Managing money, although easy in theory, can become very overwhelming for a lot of people and that’s where behavioral money coaching comes in. It combines the financial side of things with human psychology to help people reach their goals without unknowingly sabotaging the process.

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur or someone who works hard at their job, behavioral money coaching can help you build financial integrity. This concept entails a detailed understanding of not just selecting the right financial plans but seeing them to success. Contrary to popular belief, a person’s general life situation, past trauma and upbringing have a monumental impact on their finances down the line.

Right off the bat, adults who grow up watching their parents make terrible financial mistakes are sometimes more inclined to continue the cycle. Of course, they don’t want to, but because it’s all they know, falling into the same patterns is easier than expected. From seemingly little things like allowance, watching your caretakers/guardians argue about money to being exposed to budgeting at a young age – everything matters.

However, this is just one part of the bigger picture. Money issues tend to arise when people fail to understand or are unwillingly to do what it takes. Oftentimes, emotions get in the way, making it difficult to follow the right steps to achieving their goals – constantly getting late to meetings with investors, pushing back bank visits and giving preference to other plans instead.

But this doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. With behavioral money coaching, you learn innovative ways to regulate yourself in light of different financial contexts. Through an in depth and diagnostically driven process that is going to map out your emotions, patterns, and behaviors in a clear and visible way – all of which is part of your operating system. In that, coaching sheds brighter light on detecting possible triggers that might be swerving you away from a great financial plan. Not just that but it also helps you rectify the wrongs you’re prone to make through broadening your perspective and showing you why it’s important to do one thing and not the other.

I know you’re tired of giving into the same mistakes over and over again. Or perhaps you don’t even understand where things go wrong. Regardless, having a certified money coach in your corner can significantly change your life for the better. Working with me will be a two-way process built on a foundation of thorough understanding. The sessions will feature open communication, allowing me to understand common patterns in your financial trajectory. In other words, detecting these behaviors provides the starting point for personal rectification and reformation. In the same vein, you can also talk about any money related issues within your relationship, your partner’s finances, mutually signed investments and more.

We will collaborate on bespoke strategies to help you overcome possible fears and pullbacks that you might be experiencing. Needless to say, behavioral money coaching is all about offering sincere support to the client and changing their perspective on things.

For many people, a damaging mental block stops them from chasing after the right opportunities. Whether rooted in trauma due to experiences of the past or fear of failure, your beliefs hold significant importance. If they’re limiting in scope and prevent you from taking the right risks, I will strive to undo the psychological struggle needlessly stopping you from realizing your potential.

Behavioral money management: Your one-way ticket to becoming a money magician

Among the many different money types is the magician and everybody wants to be one. After all, who doesn’t like all the prosperity enjoyed by the people in this category. Financial success is flashy, and while onlookers envy the outcome, they often forget the long journey of each magician that led them to where they are today.

Magicians are those who have control over their life’s mantra! In that, they don’t let opportunities pass them by, take action, when necessary, regulate their emotions and adapt to evolving financial realities. Safe to say, anyone can become a magician so long as they’re willing to do what’s necessary.

With behavioral money coaching, you are made more self-aware of what brings you down as well as the opposite. As the external environment around you continues to change, you must let to go of hard-wired redundancies and deploy rewarding strategies.

Awaken the warrior within you!

Everybody wants to be at the place they’ve always dreamed about, financially! However, you can’t get the magic without putting in the grunt work. Needless to say, money requires effort, it won’t simply flow to you! If you feel misaligned and need redirection, I can help you with the difficulties you’re facing.

One of the most common archetypes I work with is the warrior. These people are successful entrepreneurs who diligently exert themselves toward their financial goals. They are also tactful investors, the kind of people who enjoy being in control and follow their instinct. Even though they seek out advise and factor in another person’s subjectivity, the final decision is theirs, based on what they think is right!

If you can relate to this archetype, then, that just means you need a little push and further enlightenment to consider your options. In that case, I can be the person you need to provide viable recommendations so you can choose what truly feels most pragmatic to you.

Why it’s important to understand neuroscience’s role in your financial success

The behavioral money coaching model stresses the importance of human psychology throughout its intricacies. Verily, it isn’t just ideal but necessary for you to understand its role in the financial choices you make. I help you see beyond the shadows so you’re able to resonate with yourself on a deeper level and channel the magician within. Through back-to-back discussion, you become more aware of your current money archetype and begin navigating viable ways to shift the paradigm altogether. This is particularly useful for people who are used to doing everything by themselves, giving too much in a one sided relationship and taking on another’s burdens as well. While self dependance is certainly great, such a mindset can be extremely limiting in terms of financial decision making.

This is where the money core process comes in. Spanning over the course of four sessions, you shed old – damaging – financial habits to adopt better ones based on measurable results.

Every client is unique which is why there are never any one size fits all strategies at play. The sessions are holistically designed to complement your strengths and tone down your weaknesses. Simply put, I focus on exercises that relieve you of burdens of the past and refine traits needed for a successful financial life.

The CORE Process

Life is riddled by hefty challenges, some with the power to bring most to their knees. There’s resistance at every step of the way, and giving up is obviously much easier. However, a clear head and an unwavering urge to overcome all roadblocks head-on is exactly what you get from these behavioral money management sessions.

If you’re still wondering how I transform your financial journey, the answer lies in the core process! This involves a significant focus on your money biography, which serves as the starting point. The goal is to understand your financial history and detect patterns that might be leading to similar results. Moreover, I conduct thorough mother/father mirroring exercises to gauge just how much of your financial habits are influenced by past parental behaviors.

Once I gather all the information I need, we move on to creating your money map and game plan! This is where we step into action. Rest assured, every aspect of the two is underlined by the uniqueness of your diverse situation and personality. I help you draw a roadmap with stepping stones leading to higher financial achievements. In turn, following the recommendations boosts your life skills and refines future planning. You’re better able to budget, manage cashflow, as well as save and spend practically.





Who does money coaching help?

People argue that money can’t buy happiness and while this phrase has been debated over for decades, it cannot be denied that money can certainly buy you a life. Without it, you’re deprived of basic necessities every single person deserves to have. No matter how evolved humankind becomes, this five-letter word will simply never lose its importance.

Needless to say, everyone needs money! So, when it comes to money coaching, that too, is considerably essential for people across a spectrum. Shifting from one phase of life to the next deems the importance of secure money management. In that, people who are transitioning in one way or another greatly benefit from professional opinions.

We all live in our little bubbles, be it mediocre or extravagant, the level of myopia arising within these closely-knit environments leads to stagnancy. Thus, all individuals do well when they’re advised by those with experience.

As a certified money management coach, I have worked with clients with changing relationship statuses, those who are nearing retirement, moving to college, thinking about starting their business or changing jobs as well as people who suffer the loss of a loved one.

While money is essential for everyone, it’s even more important for people looking forward to a foreseeable change. Rest assured, marriage, stepping into adulthood, moving in with a partner, bidding farewell to a parent – all sanction an impact to your current money situation. Why? Well, that’s simply because money governs a person’s choices. It can completely change typically expected behaviors and my experiences in the industry are proof.

Over the years, I have coached a variety of individuals and it has been a journey filled with insight, to say the least. It’s no coincidence that people who seek my help are oftentimes caught up in a vicious cycle of bad financial decisions.

Some are dealing with the throes of a bad breakup and others are overwhelmed by the financial onslaught of having a child. In all these cases, emotions run strong and make them more likely to choose unwisely.

Similarly, people can also end up making the wrong decisions when they’re too excited. For instance, I’ve worked with people eager to quit exploitive jobs only to jump into businesses they know nothing about. Thus, a misleading sense of over-estimation driven by the urge to try something different can also be your downfall.

To elaborate, being at a crossroads is an inevitable part of life. Nobody can avoid change, regardless of how strong their resistance might be. If not now then later, you will be faced with an uncomfortable decision that involves money. But it’s not the question that matters, it’s how you choose to answer it! Without coaching, you’re more likely to go with the first – and oftentimes, worst – option at your disposal. Remember, things veiled in comfort might not be the most rewarding.                                                                                       

It’s imperative to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, and that’s what you learn from behavioral money coaching. The model allows you to ask questions that you might not have otherwise. It triggers a sense of self awareness, whereby, you’re likelier to take the right risk after evaluating its pros and cons with a clear head.

If you’ve been hardwired into a specific mindset that fails you in terms of finances, money coaching can be your way out of the rut! At the end of the day, we are a product of our experiences and controlled by our respective psychologies. That’s exactly why there are risk taking and risk aversive people in this world.

However, life is about adapting to change and embracing our own personality transitions in the process. Ask yourself this, are you the same person you were five years ago? Surely, the answer to this is no, and an obvious one at that. You can be one money archetype today and another tomorrow. From martyr to warrior to magician – it’s all about the journey and yours is made easy with the right type of coaching.

This is what I tell all my clients who come to their sessions, disappointed of the constant financial rebuttals they face on a day-to-day basis. Considering the volatile condition of the world today, I’ve worked with a long list of businessowners who either lost their income to the pandemic or were eager to profit off of it.

This is in addition to countless young adults desperate to move out of the ‘innocent’ phase and eager to grasp whatever semblance they could of financial independence. These people are more than just examples on a screen, they are a concoction of their experiences guided by the power of money coaching and sheer determination to transform their life.

Watching my clients go from drastically regressive points in their journey to holistically impressing ones has been bewildering. Despite the variances in situations, archetypes and personalities of the people I work with, my coaching mantra has always been the same. 

I ask meaningful questions that encourage them to understand their own perspectives and identify the fallacies leading to failure. This is topped by different mental exercises as well as immersive discussions that get to the root of the problem and undo mental blocks. Through patience and guided expertise, I pave their path to financial improvement, teach vital skills to help them get through difficult times and foster a mindset that boosts their growth regardless of complexities.






Why did I become a Money Coach?

Over the years, my experiences in the world of finance have taught me various lessons. As I navigated my journey through thick and thin, I was introduced to much more than just the importance of money.

Up until the last recession swept through, I was doing fairly great. However, when the economy took a downturn, I began analyzing the integrity of my finances. This was also when my family and I decided to move to the East Coast for a much-needed fresh start. Despite the negative market outlook, I started my business with high hopes to propel it to success. Safe to say, there were many moments of celebration just as there were of stress! In that, I have had my fair share of broken leases and bounced paychecks. And yet, everything has been tremendously enlightening.

I have been able to expand my business, downsize, adopt improved strategies to pay taxes, refine financial professionalism and most importantly, create multiple streams of revenue without succumbing to the difficulties.

Throughout it all, I’ve also dealt with various personal challenges, the most devastating being my mother’s passing. This was another life altering event whereby I was forced into the shadows, and yet, made it out with amazing insight on financial lineage behaviors as well as financial exploitation.

Soon after, I realized that it wasn’t just me! All around, people were struggling with one financial crisis or the other, all because they didn’t have the right guidance backing them up.

I, too, was constantly struggling to shed a limiting perspective, be open about money with my family and holding on to the bigger picture. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually pretty easy to make the wrong decisions when you’re bombarded with options. In today’s dynamic environment, many have to settle for poorly crafted financial plans simply because they’re marketed to be more compelling.

That single mom next door is constantly overwhelmed with advertisements encouraging her to invest in the wrong deals rather than pool her savings into a business she can draw a life-long income from.

The couple you’ve known all your life is thinking about taking a mortgage out on their new home even though both of them have bad credit histories and haven’t found stable jobs yet.

That student who just moved out of her parent’s house is eager to become a business owner yet struggling to realize her dreams due to lack of funding.

Needless to say, I coach everyone – from individuals and couples to businesses, my goal is to pull clients out of financial crises through personalized strategies suited to their unique situations.


Unfortunately, most people I work with go into different financial plans blind. And they’re not entirely to blame!


It’s not like we’re taught how to be smart with money in school. There is a massive gap between people and the right opportunities that can only be bridged with targeted tools, understanding your driving neuroeconomics and seeking financial planning advise from a money coach rather than a financial advisor who will simply lay out different options in front of you.

We love to spend! However, you can’t be internally conflicted about your spending and still feel good about all the purchase! Verily, I help you resolve this inner conundrum that’s stopping you from being at peace. By taking an immersive approach to reconnecting your spending side with innate contentment, we will take a look at your general shopping patterns to identify what you should and should not be doing!

As a money coach with over 10 years in his arsenal, I have noticed this in various clients. They could have magician potential and yet, they will be stuck somewhere in the middle, eager to change their ways but unable to do what’s needed.

Why? Because they’re unable to enjoy investing! The waiting time till you can actually realize your investment doesn’t seem compelling enough. This requires a strict change of perspective which is only achievable through a step-by-step process. Thus, I have created a milestone coaching regime that explains why certain prerequisites are necessary to excel further. Ultimately, this approach lets the people see what’s waiting for them at the end of the tunnel!


Another thing I’ve become wary of as a money coach is that clients often have trouble communicating with their spouses over financial matters. Let’s be honest, if you’re in a serious relationship, making decisions about money is a mutual exercise.

What most people don’t realize – or aren’t willing to accept – is that having disagreements with your significant other is okay. For instance, if a couple is contemplating where to invest their savings and butting heads over the most pragmatic option out there, it’s completely normal.

But this type of conflict shouldn’t just be avoided, rather it should be addressed to secure a rewarding financial future for both parties. Whenever I get the chance to advice couples, I make sure they understand where the other is coming from.

By setting a foundation or trust, I take the session forward, take my time to hear both sides and then, point out the pros and cons of each option.


Did you know that thousands of businesses in the US today don’t even have enough cash to last them beyond three months? Small business owners are bearing the brunt of a dwindling economy, drowning in debt and unable to enjoy their life because of how overwhelming running their ventures is.

Ironically, everyone who ditches the regular job to start a business does so because they’re eager to be their own boss. A few financial mistakes later, they realize they’re living in a nightmare!

Now, of course, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Due to personal issues and professional conundrums, many modern businesses have a decreasing bottom line, albeit fixable. My goal is to help ambitious entrepreneurs make the right decisions so they can lead the life they’ve dreamed about. After all, it’s not about money, it’s what money lets us do that matters.

So, no matter how deep a financial ditch you find yourself in, I’ll show you better ways to communicate about your finances, rectify past mistakes, mitigate losses, and overcome temptations that are actively burning a hole in your wallet.

Unlike financial advisors, I don’t just tell you the pros and cons of different financial opportunities. Rather, I help you recognize your money-management behaviors, in that, how you operate financially. This sets the groundwork for improved habits leading to increased profits, a solidified position in the marketplace, better financial relationships, as well as a much-needed feeling of security within your business.