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Finally! A Health and Financial Conference to Give Caregivers a Crisis-Resistant Plan to Care For Them and Their Loved Ones

Nov. 8-9, 2023

A Health and Financial Conference to Give Caregivers a Crisis-Resistant Plan to Care For Them and Their Loved Ones

Nov. 8-9, 2023

Are you talking with your loved ones about their plans for living independently and their wishes for their final years?

Are you increasing your contact with your loved one(s) because you focus more on loneliness, medication follow-up, memory concerns, food and liquids intake, and home maintenance?

Are you doing your best to plan and coordinate your loved one’s health care, and are you overwhelmed by your limited Google search time?

Are you experiencing your loved one’s medical and financial downward spiral while unsure of the next best steps?

Who is this for: 

The conference is for those 10-15 years from retirement and for those who are already caregiving for their aging loved one(s). 

Did you know you are one of your loved ones’ main financial and medical resources? I bet you didn’t realize that. 

You may be experiencing a caregiver’s dilemma because you don’t know when your loved one’s circumstances will go BOOM!!! 

You are worried about that phone call or text you might get, or worse; you arrive after they haven’t picked up the phone. 

The dilemma is most of our loved ones want to live independently for as long as possible without additional help or resources. But sometimes, this is watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know there is danger, as you can’t outrun the inevitable. Instead, you want to change tracks or the destination with the right help. 

You want to care for your loved ones but need the best information before you lose money by delaying care decisions, enduring messy family communication, and going through back-to-back setbacks before your loved ones get the proper care.  Catching up is hard if you are behind.  Many of my clients complained they wished they knew what they know now. This would have saved them time, money, and their sanity. 

Because you didn’t realize until now, you could have found an easier, faster, better, and more cost-effective way. 

You get annoyed when others tell you to “just take a break.” Taking a break when the work isn’t done and when there is no assurance of a plan in place isn’t that simple. 

But you worry about having to do it all…

  • The feeding 
  • Care coordinator and next step/place planner
  • Dressing them
  • Cashflow & asset administrator
  • Seemingly endless medical appointments
  • The bathing
  • Medication & treatment manager
  • Helping them to sit and stand 
  • While also being their social director. 

You stare blurry-eyed at your computer after midnight, trying to finish work while your family begs you to go to bed. 

Are you taking care of yourself? Or are your daily aches and pains becoming increasingly difficult to ignore? Your mood dampens as your stress and anxiety skyrocket, trying to keep up. Your sleep has become more fitful than restful. Are you also delaying your own medical and financial appointments?

The simple line between you and your aging loved one becomes fuzzy as you become a caregiver and an overwhelmed and absent professional that is also an exhausted and frustrated human being. 

Most caregivers unsuccessfully juggle multiple balls in the air. They often drop the balls regarding timely financial choices to reduce health care costs, taxes, and how best to spend money in retirement with their aging loved one.

If you’re stuck planning how to keep your life together while caring for your loved ones, you’ve come to the right place.

Find the resources and support to keep you and yours safe, comfortable, and happy… even if life comes at you fast.

Please register as you have come to the right conference. 


  • Clarity about caregiving resources
  • Build and maintain a stronger retirement plan
  • Connect to the right healthcare resources
  • Implement self-care tips, techniques, and strategies … NOW!
  • Avoid costly financial mistakes 
  • Discover your estate planning blind spots 
  • Have a network of financial, health, and caregiving experts at your fingertips
  • How to hire a caregiver & recognize red flags so you can take action
  • No longer be deceived by fraud and A.I. scams

Topics We Cover

  • Social Security: The little-known details about social security that could keep you AND your spouse  financially ahead of the retirement pack
  • How to use the little-known loopholes in Medicare to make sure you’re covered for life.
  • LTC Insurance & What to do if you don’t have a policy?
  • The step-by-step strategy for total coverage for you, your loved ones, and your retirement.
  • Tax strategies that the wealthy use to make sure they don’t have to work another day in their lives
  • Protect your wealth after you’re gone so it’s given to those you love, not the state or creditors
  • The hidden resources you can tap into as a caregiver that isn’t just another support group
  • How to feel and look your prime, even after handling the round-the-clock demands of caregiving.
  • How to mentally take back control of your life with some simple exercises that take no more than 15 minutes a day.
  • The simple, no-stress adjustments you can make to keep more of your money without losing sleep.
  • The pitfalls of estate planning that blindside most caregivers.
  • Why self home-remodeling will cost you more than what you paid for in materials.
  • Why an anti-loneliness routine will make you healthier and happier.
  • Make sure you have the right caregiver.
  • Stop losing your mind with uncooperative family members.
  • Locate the best time for your aging loved one to sell or buy a new home
  • Simple, life-changing nutrition habits to give you energy for yourself and your aging loved one.


I’m a Federal Government Employees Retirement Readiness Expert. I’ve helped thousands focus on their health and money habits while planning for retirement. My clients are able to navigate caregiving uncertainties, face the mounting responsibilities, as well as avoid the financial pitfalls with ease and flow. HOW, you may wonder?

Because I know your journey firsthand, as my parents passed away from Alzheimer’s. I spent 11 years dedicated to the slow and painful decline of my parent’s health and financesWhen I lost my parents, I realized I was truly on my own, and I needed to rebuild my life one step at a time. I had to reprioritize my self-care, dreams, and financial future.

I’m here to help you not waste your time, money, or energy. 

I needed more help than a caregiver’s support group, and so do you

I needed more financial education and assistance regarding their estate, and so do you. 

And I needed an expert when financial goals became disconnected, and my family suffered when our overworked healthcare team made mistakes and unintentionally neglected my parents. Our entire healthcare system is on overload, and often it’s up to us to find the best healthcare and financial teams

I’ve learned that you may have to invest twice as many hours and tens of thousands of dollars to find the best solution to accommodate you, your aging loved one, and your family. 

But I’m about to change that with this upcoming conference.

Starting on November 8th, 2023 I’m offering one free day of 1:1 interviews with these experts. So you can learn from the best. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself or your sanity. The good news is this complex emotional rollercoaster does have a light at the end of the tunnel.


Jeannie Dougherty

Key Note: Elevate your Heart and Mind in Times of Family Stress
Time: 10am-10:30am EST

Mike George

Talk Topic:
Hiring The Right Caregiver Is More Than A Checklist

Time: 10:30 am – 10:50 am EST

Lisa Trotzke-Laws

Talk Topic:
Choosing Health Coverage with Confidence

Time: 11 am – 11:20 am EST

Traci Lamb

Talk Topic:
Caring Through Adversity

Time: 11:30 am – 11:50 am EST

Dina Mabry

Talk Topic:
What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Time: 12 pm – 12:20 pm EST

Nima Yazdanfar

Talk Topic:
Who to Call on When Your
Kids Aren't Available

Time: 12:30 pm – 12:50 pm EST

Phil Weiss

Talk Topic:
Life planning - Aligning How You Spend Your Time and Money...

Time: 1:00 pm – 1:20 pm EST

Ali Soltani

Talk Topic:
Is your Home Prepared to Accommodate your Needs as...

Time: 1:30 pm – 1:50 pm EST

Lili Udell Fiore

Talk Topic:
Creative Caregiving – How to understand your Loved One...

Time: 2:00 pm – 2:20 pm EST

Myriam Leiva

Talk Topic:
Medicare Made Simple with Medicare Myriam

Time: 2:30 pm – 2:50 pm EST

Mim Senft

Talk Topic:
The Cost of Caregiving - What You Need to Know

Time: 3:00 pm – 2:20 pm EST

Tom Repczynski

Talk Topic:
Estate Planning Pitfalls

Time: 3:30 pm – 3:50 pm EST

Karen Midyet

Talk Topic:
Spoonful of Sanity: Nutritional and Stress Hacks for Caregivers

Time: 4:00 pm – 4:20 pm EST

Eric Blake

Talk Topic:
Savvy Social
Security Planning

Time: 4:30 pm – 4:50 pm EST

Dr. Jovan Jackson

Talk Topic:
Exploring Financial Strategies for Long-Term Care and Longevity...

Time: 5:00 pm – 5:20 pm EST

Rebekah Kleinman

Talk Topic:
Helping Senior Adults Navigate Real Estate Decisions

Time: 5:30 pm – 5:50 pm EST

Boyce H. Goff

Talk Topic:
3 Best Tax Strategies for Caregivers and their Aging Loved Ones

Time: 6:00 pm – 6:20 pm EST

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