FRANTIC VS FREEDOM: 4-weeks program

In 4 Weeks…


  • Uncover your hidden money psychology.
  • Determine your customers and clients buying behaviors. 
  • Discover your best money partners for financial success,
  • Reframe self-sabotaging Self-talk Blocks to Empowered Thinking and Energized Action.
  • Prevent financial red lights that keep you braking on your path.
  • Use your financial keys to open up your specific freedom door.
  • Make more money in 30 days.

Week 1: Learn Your Self-Command Muscle

You promised yourself not another conversation, email, social media message, or text that says, “no thank you” to your product or services. Are you exhausted by the long hours with mediocre success? You had a vision of shorter hours of work, more time off to spend with your family. And some quality time for yourself.

Your EXIT Door appears when you look around and realize you are in the room you didn’t expect to be in. It’s the room of frantic struggle and long unfulfilling hours that exhausts you. Instead, you decide it’s time to start in a new direction. Working in an unachievable way, you find yourself wanting more but can’t see how you got yourself here. You have no interest or energy to stay in a place you don’t recognize anymore.

You have studied hard in your business and in your career. You have invested in products, programs, and steps on the best way to market and sell to your ideal clients.

But do you know your own money psychology and how it creates success? Let alone the buying power of your clients? Closers make the most money because they usually have the most failures.


Following other people’s ideas that doesn’t work for you. It’s not customized or personalized for you.  Because it may have things you don’t want it to do.

You can’t use your keys on someone else’s door.

My clients are usually struggling with long hours and at best mediocre results at first. Then I help them discover their current money partners and how they probably aren’t the most profitable ones for them.

One of my clients was able to stop working long hours on their marketing and instead focus on their best money partners and opportunities. Once they did this their ability to spot and communicate their money partners helped tremendously. They were able to increase their money-making ability by 30% in 3 months.

Week 2 – Door Opportunity/Frustration

Once you use your EXIT Door you are faced with another door, your door of opportunity/frustration.

This is the right door but you keep using your key the wrong way. Because you are so frantic with your money and your opportunities.

Do you have a money game in your head that plays financial doom songs like these:

  • There will never be enough money for you or anyone else … ever! It’s a zero-sum game. If you have more money, then I will have less.
  • If having more money, it solves problems by generating more control over your life.
  • There is a clear right and a clear wrong way to manage money. If you can’t do it correctly, why even bother trying?
  • Money matters usually work themselves out if you ignore them. My finances are never as bad as they may seem, so best to focus elsewhere.
  • If I wish to meet my financial goals, I can never slow down or enjoy any of the wealth I’ve already created (or it will all evaporate).
  • If I ask for what I’m worth, no one will hire me. Better to give it all away for free and trust that it will (eventually) come back to me over time.
  • “Poor Me! I’ll never by financially free. The system is rigged and out to get me.” I’m not strong enough, I can’t handle this.
  • I just need to do more, talk to more folks, sitting down and focus on the problem I have no time.
  • WE MUST HAVE a plan that gives me a guarantee and if we don’t stick to it, there is no hope for success. 
  • I just need knowledge, intelligence, and insight. Feelings are irrational and sloppy. I’m bottom- line motivated at all costs.


Can you see how you got stuck in your head and you aren’t able to move forward. These SELF-TALK BLOCKS have to be reframed or you won’t be able to release this financial burden. It’s not them, it’s you. The good news your financial worries are easy to fix.

If you are asking yourself how quickly I can make money?  This is the door of opportunitywhich can mean biggerprofit, bigger clients, &raising prices.



You may really be at the door of frustration: you want to make everyone happy, you don’t want to rock the boat, and you are willing to sacrifice for less, won’t raise your prices.  But what’s happening to your money? Is this really the best money partnership for you?

Financial mismatches happen because you spend more time focused on the wrong people instead of your best financial partners.

Are you still dreamingof this mighty sum, a big windfall or big paying clients? And yet, you are just cruising in the same lane of lack and self-doubt. My client did this before I was able to help open their eyes to their money partnerships.They ended up making more money, worked less hours, and enjoy their clients and customers even more. They even received more word-of-mouth referrals. These are your best clients and customers.

Week – 3 – Door of Perfection

This is the door of illusion, pushing to make it right, perfect,or fully aligned.

Looking for the right timing starting a new business, to launch to start a new money partnership

Are the planets are aligned?

 Is today my lucky day?

Am I mysteriously blocked in some way? So,I can’t win.

You want the right answers but you don’t have them?

Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t aligned perfectly.

You get aligned because you keep by failing up.

You see you may start off the day in go mode but you feel like you just go back home if you have too many redlights on your journey. NO red lights are normal and it doesn’t mean you are not in perfect alignment. You don’t need someone else’s permission. You make better financial decisions and connect with you best money partners with practice.



You have decluttered toxic people/relationships and thought processes to make sure you have the right energy and the best self-talk to move you forward.

You now have a plan to connect with your best money partners.

The ultimate clarity to see and know your financial bridge/steps – to know who you best partner with – and then you avoid costly missteps.

No more wondering what’s wrong with you?

Or trying to balance while on a tightrope you vs. them in a conversation.

You don’t people please anymore.

You don’t feel like your voice or your product or service isn’t heard anymore.

Imagine feeling confidence to walk into any room and know how to connect with folks about your product and service and tailoring your questions to ask about their needs. This way you are making connections without feeling overwhelmed by the conversations. Or feeling like someone you’re not, a salesperson, that is just looking for targets.

You become the person they want to connect with because you listen clearly, no more self-talk blocks. And you can guide the right folks to you without stepping on your own feet.

The whole process feels like integrated harmony.

Because the wealthiest person in the room is the most relaxed.

All this for $999 or two payments $540