How to face your money saboteurs?

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This is a question that several of my clients will want an answer to when they are struggling to make ends meet? When they want to be doing financially better, how do they face their mistakes, their troubles, and their money blunders?

Let me tell you a story of one of my client’s that owned their own business but had roller coaster syndrome as I like to call it. First, let me be clear not every business is ON 24/7, sometimes your business is seasonal: like accountants, summer jobs, and hospitality and travel industries. 

Roller Coaster Syndrome is your up for one maybe 2-3 months and then you plummet. From a sales or marketing standpoint it might be that you are “not keeping up with your sales funnel.” That can be an issue with some businesses but honestly, that’s not the money block. That is a money system collapse, although it seems to result in less profits. No, it’s much simpler you haven’t built up your inner warrior to take the lead on your money system but your money saboteur(s) are holding you back.

This isn’t just a money mindset issue this is money behavior that you keep setting yourself up for your ups and your downs. What does your money saboteur look like? Well, it depends on where you score on my free money quiz Free Money Quiz. Sometimes folks have several like a money fool, a money victim, a money martyr, or a money tyrant.

My one client had several but really what fueled their money saboteur they were way too confident in their abilities and had problems connecting with their clients. Their days started out strong but the end of the day they would be feeling exhausted after verbal clashes with clients. Then they would hibernate or avoid new work or current customers because they were” too busy” with their life. Their money mindset was fierce but their client skills could use some honing, and more importantly their need to be right, was a money saboteur.

One of the best things I have tried to teach my clients that no matter how angry you are at your client they are only 10% right. So that means you do need to listen to your clients. You can learn to empathize and most importantly you don’t need to take it so personally if they are not happy with your work. There is always a way through because when you have to cut and run for a couple of weeks because you need to “hibernate.” That really has you look like you are MIA.

If I hired you and you went MIA after a couple of weeks, I may allow it one time but after that you are showing me your subconscious money pattern (whether you are aware of it or not). And I would need to make some changes.

Financial mental health is not discussed enough in business and when it is discussed it’s usually because of a crisis or a situation that is untenable. I suggest you want to go into business for the long hall and develop money fitness skills.

I know what you’re thinking, “Jeannie, What are money fitness skills?”

Your money fitness skills are you using your sage like abilities to not “spin” a problem but to find solutions to your daily stresses.

What are some of your money fitness skills that make you appear sage like?

  • Empathy
  • Explore
  • Innovate
  • Navigate
  • Activate

I will share more in my next blog about to unpack these money fitness skills in real time.

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