Money Fitness Skills

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I know what you’re thinking, “Jeannie, What are money fitness skills?”

Your money fitness skills are you using your sage like abilities to not “spin” a problem but to find solutions to your daily stresses.

What are some of your money fitness skills that make you appear sage like?

  • Empathy
  • Explore
  • Innovate
  • Navigate
  • Activate

Yesterday, when I discussed How to Face Your Money Saboteurs Blog I gave examples of one of my clients that couldn’t figure out their roller-coaster money-making syndrome in their business.

Some of the best money fitness skills happen with preparation, meaning you learn from your mistakes and plan and act differently. Other money fitness skills happen in the spur of the moment.

My client that would work so hard for a few weeks or months and then would need to “hibernate” after dealing with difficult clients. Why? Their clients were not “acting” the way they thought they “should be acting.” Judgement is huge money saboteur by the way and we will talk about it in another blog post. When you focus more on what others “should be doing” you are walking yourself into a self-imposed money trap. Instead, I encourage you to attempt to empathize with your client instead of judging them.

 For instance, even if you can only empathize to a point, meaning you are willing to see their side but aren’t entirely comfortable with their response. That’s a start you are working on being more present with your empathy. If you are willing to empathize then you might be able to explore and find new options or simply an option.

Exploration can be self-exploration or exploring directly with your client or with both. Why is exploration so important it helps keep your judgement and your resentment at bay. This can be very helpful in spur of the moment situations.

True innovation is not always moving forward it’s about moving forward once you are aware of your present moment and deciding to do it differently. How differently may require your sense of navigation of the problem, the expectations and possible solutions.  Then you can navigate your time, your schedule, your customers need, and your needs is all part of the plan. This is right here could save you lots of time and money and increase your profits!  It’s also interesting to me how many times you will pile on responsibility instead of delegating or simply committing to your time off.

Lastly, activation might be thinking or preparing with the above skills, empathy, exploration, innovation, and navigation ahead of time. Meaning you may remember the last time you were overworked and overwhelmed and may refuse to do this again. So, you give yourself a positive prompt to not go down for a few hours to a few weeks of doom, gloom, and shame about your problems. This prompt might be as simple as making a first on your right hand with thumb since as an embodied reminder to not do this again. Or it might be your coach or someone from your support network reminding you this how you sabotage yourself. Or you just know this feeling and know this is a time to activate your sage abilities to get you through.

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