Money Fit in 2022

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What does it mean to be #moneyfit in 2022? Well for starters how well do you feel and manage your money? You might say pretty good, but what about your communication about money matters, particularly with your partner? Oh, not so good?

You see being money fit is being fit in all financial areas of your life, not just the mechanics of investing, savings, and making money. It’s also feeling secure and confident about your money decisions by yourself and with others. 

Now I want to point out that I’m not asking for you to ask for permission from others about your financially savvy decisions but to feel secure and confident. Very very few of us were taught how to talk about money in a safe and healthy way and more importantly, most of us are not necessarily taught how to work with money. 


Money is a survival skill and money is often thought of and used in an emotional way. Hence there are money hoarders, or greedy folks, gamblers, and compulsive shoppers. Those, of course, are the extremes of financially unsound behaviors and patterns. Most of us aren’t this extreme? But have your shopping or spending habits increased this pandemic? Have you’ve been more conscious of your savings? Are you feeling confident about how to invest and make even more money with unprecedented markets?

Most people will tell me they are doing fine, but if their job unexpectedly ends or goes away or their entire industry is wiped out? Then they say they might have 3-6 months of savings and they will find a way to get another job or discover a new source of income? What if all is well and you and your partner cannot agree on your financial goals? Or your kids or other family members are draining your bank account?

Here are some steps for money fitness.

  1. Look at your money situation and develop it like a money muscle.
  2. Rate yourself on how well you think you handle your money, your money problems, and your money conversations with family and work. Can you request a raise? Can you tell your family, “no” without feeling bad or unsupported?
  3. Take my free money quiz to learn about your money archetypes, free financial education should never be turned down. It’s right here to take!

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I wish you a happy, healthy, blessed, and prosperous 2022!!!

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