Your own self-sabotage: how your money blocks prevent your abundance

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Self-sabotage is more common than you think. As matter of fact, you have sabotaged yourself when it comes to your finances. Money blocks are a common term when it comes to financial or money coaching but very few coaches or financial advisors really know what to do with them. Most people just repeat their money blocks, because they are born in your subconscious and acted out in your conscious life. 

I know what you are thinking what are my money blocks?

I’m going to share a few of the biggest money blocks and see if they apply to you.

  1. Scarcity thinking or feeling- even billionaires have these thoughts- they don’t have enough to go around, 
  2. Feeling easily overwhelmed by financial information- you freeze and it takes great herculean strength to move forward, if it all.
  3. Living in the past and can never see a way to look forward.
  4. You are so busy caring for others, maybe putting out financial fires, you hardly have time to plan and take care of your financial needs. 
  5. You would rather play the lottery than do much anything else that might be productive in your life. 
  6. You have a love/hate relationship with money and kinda wish there was no fee for services or products.
  7. You are a money hoarder and use it control yourself and others. 

I remember years ago my ex and I decided to see a financial advisor when we were having money communication issues. We struggled to determine what was a fair budget, which investment style should we choose, and talk about our home repairs without one of us shutting down while the other became outraged at the numbers planning. What I didn’t know then that I absolutely know now is how this occurred. You learn your money blocks in your childhood and you carry them forward into your relationships. So what happened the financial advisor just told us to “budget” with no clarification surrounding money values, fix the home when needed (another gray area), and to have one of us control the finances. That may work if someone is a fair money warrior but if the other party wants to manipulate with money, you are back to square one of the same old pattern.

I’m sure you could have predicted this but the financial advisor did what he knew to do. Put someone in charge (usually a man- even if his money skills aren’t as good as his wife’s) and then that will settle it. Then in the future for big purchases or investments the financial advisor can tell the one party what to do. The divide and conquer technique is an interesting sales pitch don’t you think?

I know what you are thinking I want to know how do I overcome my subconscious blocks? Well… first things first. You have to learn what they are. This why I always offer my free money quiz so you see for yourself how and why you score the way you do.

Here is my money archetype quiz

Secondly, I recommend you take a look at what you would like to achieve with your money. Remember one of the first blocks is about not able to make a decision. I’m not asking for you to decide I’m asking for you to tell me what you would like to do. 

I’ll tell you one of my money goals is to feel and move with ease surrounding money decisions. 

Thirdly, what do you do for your stress management? Money can be stressful if we believe it must be. My experience as we approach year 3 in our global pandemic is not enough. I actually recommend several techniques to help get you to a place of calm and wisdom so you can make money decisions.