From Money Freeze to Money Flow

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What is a money freeze? Money freeze describes a behavior that everyone does when it comes to your money decisions. It doesn’t matter what is your age, your gender, your religion, or your socioeconomic status. It doesn’t even matter how much money experience you have, we all freeze when it comes to money at certain points in our lives. 


Because it’s about how we decide on how to move forward that can have us freeze up and not make a decision. Sometimes we just tell ourselves and others we are “waiting” or “it’s not a good time to invest or buy this or that” or “I have bills to pay and I’m not sure which one to pay first or “OMG that tuition bill or credit card or medical bill is due, how am I going to pay that?”

Oh yes, you remember that money freezing is a pretty common subconscious behavior. It reflects your subconscious blocks and the act of money freezing is something that you can unpack.

Here are some easy steps to help you reflect where your money freeze is coming from.

I recommend asking yourself some thoughtful questions.

  1. Are you worried where your money will come from to pay your bill?
  2. If you have the money what exact information do you need in order to make this decision?
  3. Do you need quiet or reflection time to sit with your emotions so you can make your financial decision?
  4. Who are you helping by not making this decision?
  5. Who are you not helping by making this decision?

Here is what I look at when my clients come to me about not feeling confident about their money decisions.

  1. Your need to control, is it anxiety based? Or is it something else?
  2. What is your risk tolerance? The higher the money freeze usually means your risk tolerance is less. 
  3. Who are you trying to impress or appear stronger or smarter with this decision?
  4. What are you most afraid of?

My free money archetype quiz is here to help guide you about your feelings about money. And please remember while you may be great at certain money decisions, others you may tend to freeze on. 

Please take my free money type quiz. 

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True money flow is a skill that is practiced over and over. 

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